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Terms & Conditions for the purchase of seedlings from Rotorua Forest Nursery Limited.


  1.   The purchaser agrees to pay all invoices on or before the date for payment showing on the invoice, usually the 20th of the month          following uplift.

  2.   All seedlings are sold without any warranty for their survival or performance. This recognises that although trees are supplied in the   best condition possible, the nursery has no control over subsequent handling, storage or planting.

  3.   The cost of the seedlings is ex-nursery. All freight, handling costs, or additional packaging is at the cost of the purchaser.

  4.   The Growing Price is in New Zealand dollars and is exclusive of Goods and Service Tax (GST)

  5.   The Purchaser shall pay additional to all other costs any levy imposed under the Biosecurity Act 1993 and its Amendments, and the      Commodity Levies Act 1990 and its Amendments.

  6.   Where the Purchaser whom is not a Radiata Pine Breeding Company Limited shareholder or Related Company, the Purchaser shall    comply with all terms and conditions set out in the RPBC GF Plus Nursery Grower Licence and pay additional to all other costs the        Third-Party royalty as set by RPBC.


Peter Harington  
Managing Director & Sales  
027 441 7094


Office   +64 7 343 7266


Mandy Spence   Operations Manager


Nursery Address
21 Owhata Road, Rotorua
Postal Address
63 Hilton Road, Rotorua 3010

Quality planting stock…..
Why are our Rotorua Forest Nursery trees renowned for their quality? Our site at Owhata, Rotorua is a proven forest nursery site, first selected by the Forest Service in the 1970s. Even pre-European Māori from around the district used the fertile soils and northerly aspect of the Owhata flats to cultivate their food crops. As well as being fertile and productive through the growing season, the site is also excellent for hardening and conditioning the seedlings with regular good frosts through the planting season.
The most important ingredient to growing good trees is people. Peter Harington has been in the forest industry for over 40 years, working for several of the major forest corporates in that time. He has managed forest nurseries for nearly 30 years, most recently he was involved in leading edge forest nursery research while manager of the Scion research nursery. The team at Rotorua Forest Nursery is loaded with experience. Mandy, our Operations Manager has been running the growing operations for 11 years, although she started way back, lifting trees at the current site as a teenager. We have a loyal team of dedicated seasonal lifters who take pride in their role in dispatching quality seedlings and cuttings each winter.

A proud history….
The business was originally founded by Grant Hastings who started in 2005 and built a reputation for high quality planting stock, under the previous brand of Rotorua Nursery. As his reputation built,  so did the business until Grant outgrew two sites to eventually lease the superb Owhata site in 2012. Grant is still retained as a consultant to ensure a seamless transition to the new management.
At the leading edge….
During his time in research at Scion, Peter Harington was involved in some of the leading-edge research into nursery practises and how they impact on early growth and survival in the forest,  the importance of a healthy soil biota and the requirements of radiata pine with mycorrhiza, beneficial bacteria and Trichoderma. Peter is now taking these learnings and introducing them into the management practises at Rotorua Forest Nursery.
Ask advice….
Originally training in forestry, Peter was involved in some of the largest planting projects in New Zealand. In fact his background includes the whole spectrum from genetic research to logging. This experience complements his nursery experience to give a holistic understanding of the entire  process. Customers are welcome to seek advice about their planting project.

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quality forests start with quality planting stock

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About Us

Rotorua Forest Nursey is a supplier of high quality planting stock to the forest industry in the North Island of New Zealand. We supply high quality bare root radiata pine seedlings and cuttings to a range of forest growers, from some of the largest corporate forests, to farm foresters and small block owners. We offer a range of Pinus radiata genetics to suit everyone from the discerning forester, to carbon and soil conservation projects.

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